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Journey Therapy

Journey therapy allows the body to facilitate healing and release at a cellular level, dealing with past trauma and depression

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Aafiyah Healing
(Health and well being)

Aafiyah Healing is a natural energy healing modality that focuses on breath and body awareness techniques

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Brain Gym
(Educational Kinesiology)

Brain Gym movements and balances are part of a comprehensive personal development programme called ‘Educational Kinesiology'

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Life Skills Coaching

Move from ‘victim’ to ‘victor’ and build the life you really want. Life skills coaching gives you the opportunity to bridge the gap

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Student Empowerment Programmes

Special programmes for Senior Phase and University students are individually designed to enhance more effective learning and studying methods.

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Workshops for kids, teens and women

Multiple workshops to guide and empower you to overcome various life challenges. They are designed to be fun, playful and experiential. 

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Mrs Farah Manjoo

My personal journey

About Me

I was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg and matriculated at (MMSG) Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls. I moved to Stanger and settled down with my husband Mohamed Manjoo, a Pharmacist. I embarked on my studies in Education through UNISA soon after, and graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree after having my second child, Hasan.

I have dedicated the past few years to self development programmes and have attended many workshops on this subject. Since 2012 to present I have done extensive studies in various healing/coaching modalities and alternate mental health practices. I decided to pursue a career as a Journey and Brain Gym Practitioner when I had witnessed the profound difference it had made in my life. I am now the mother - of - three beautiful children; manage my own household, run my own private practice and currently furthering my studies in Psychology.

Being a full time parent to young children, people often wonder how I manage to balance my career, family and further studies successfully. My secret is my deep desire to improve myself and aspire towards becoming the best version of myself. I view myself as an eternal student and feel that there is no end to learning and enriching myself with beneficial knowledge. With all the Journey work, Aafiyah healing, Brain Gym and coaching skills that I acquired, I was able to access my life’s purpose and manifest the life I truly desired. I feel blessed and tremendously grateful to the Creator and to my amazing husband, Mohamed, for making it possible. I dedicate my sacred service to my beloved daughter Masiha, who inspired me to embark on my own journey of healing and hence pursue my dream career as an Empowerment Coach, making a difference and sharing my knowledge and wisdom with the world.

My PASSION is facilitating the healing of kids, teenagers and students. I derive great joy watching a child transform into a beautiful butterfly, unlocking his/her true potential and turning weaknesses into strengths. I have realised over the years working with children that clearing their emotional issues results in great improvements in their academic success. I love working with mother and child and I am always in awe to witness how rapidly they heal and grow together.

My MISSION is to make a difference in people’s lives and to inspire and empower them to make better choices, thereby living more fulfilled happy lives. It is indeed a great honour to be given this opportunity to reach out to people all over the world and from all walks of life. My unique blend of knowledge and expertise enables me to provide my clients the best therapy sessions. Each session is suited to their personal challenges, while respecting their race, religion and culture. I maintain a high standard of professionalism and integrity and offer a warm and non judgemental space for healing and transformation to take place.

growing and evolving

Education & Experience

I have worked for a period of six years at NMC Exquisite Cookware as a Team leader and Events Planner. I recruited, trained and motivated many consultants during that period. I worked for XS Health as a medical sale representative for the whole KZN region, where I trained staff at various companies on promoting XS health products. I have three years of teaching experience as a qualified Educator, I taught English, Business Studies and Life Orientation.

I am the founder of Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary and Learning Centre, which has been in operation since April 2016 in Stanger, KZN. I have expanded my business into many new exciting avenues in the last two years. With the help of Skype and Zoom, I reach out to a wider range of clients both local and international. I have consulting rooms in three different areas (Durban, Ballito, and Stanger) for a more personal one-on one experience.

I specialise and work full time with kids, teenagers and women, facilitating individual and group sessions. I have dealt with various emotional issues and addressed many learning barriers using the cutting edge skills and techniques of the Journey, Brain Gym, Edu-K, Aafiyah Healing and Life Skills Coaching. My area of expertise is depression, anxiety, overcoming relationship issues, balancing family and career life successfully and accessing one’s potential/purpose.

Female & Kids Empowerment Coach

Bachelor of Education, Senior & FET Phase (UNISA), Psychology (Hons)
Registered Brain Gym Practitioner & Educational Kinesiologist (SETA: ETDP10122)
International Accredited Journey Practitioner (Brandon Bays, UK) Practice No. 36875
Accredited Aafiyah Healing Practitioner (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) Certified Life Coach (NLP Life Coaching SA)
Currently studying towards a degree in Clinical Psychology (UNISA)
Columnist & Inspirational Writer for the Stanger Weekly Newspaper (Media 24)
Motivational Speaker at various national Women’s Events





I decided on the name BARAAQA, because it means to ‘sparkle and shine’. When you commit to your own healing path and inner transformation, your whole life will begin to LIGHT up and SHINE.

The DIAMOND symbolises your true essence and authentic self. So often, the essence of who you are gets hidden beneath layers of negativity and emotional shut downs. That shining potential that you once possessed becomes dull and non-existent and you lose yourself in the process.

A TRANSFORMATIONAL AND LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE...After just a few sessions you will start to appreciate the simple joys, beauties and pleasures that are already present in your life. You will gain a complete inner makeover of your self and outlook on life, thus polishing your INNER DIAMOND...LET’S FIND YOUR SPARKLE!

What was lost cannot be regained; however, it can be rediscovered. So discover the glistening diamond within you, and let it shine!



Videos & Recording

Farah is a regular guest speaker on various radio talk shows, such as CII, Salaamedia and Al Ansaar.
Listen to a few of her most popular interviews.


Farah was also featured on SABC 3 for Women's month and on ITV Networks.

what my clients say


“Amazing Aafiyah Healing session with Farah. I walked into the consultation room last week feeling stressed, drained and off balance. After just an hour with Farah, I left feeling rejuvenated, lighter and in a positive frame of mind. I would certainly recommend the Amazing services offered to everyone, Farah is extremely professional, non judgemental and warm. Thank you Farah, stay blessed!”

Ashina Rajkumar
(Mandeni -KZN)

“My son is 6 and has been having sessions with Farah, as we are based in Cape Town, these have been via Skype. I was amazed that he was able to concentrate and follow. He is learning new ways to deal with his emotions and to express them because of this and truly enjoy his sessions. Many thanks!”

Adheera Bodasing
(Cape Town- Western Cape)

“Farah's live videos and Facebook post intrigued me, and when I needed help for my son, she was top of my mind. She suggested working on me and my child together, the mother being the source. We took a package with journey, Aafiyah and brain gym and a mixture of all her techniques. Every step of the way on the journey into my soul, Farah held my hand, gave me the aftercare I needed and made it easy for me to open up to her. Her unique method and authentic sessions specifically designed for our needs actually dismantled all the issues below the iceberg. Eight sessions later I was amazed at how quickly my life changed. She gave me the most empowering tools I needed to claim back my power. I'm still amazed at the rapid transformation of my son and me. People also have noticed the positive changes too. I feel like a brand new, and polished priceless diamond presenting myself to the world. Forever grateful!”

Sumaya Ganie

“Farah has an incredible way with making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. With Farah I can completely be myself and let go, and there is never any judgement. She holds a safe space for growth and transformation and I would highly recommend her for Journey therapy. It's great to be able to have Farah work with me over Skype as I live in the U.K. After my sessions with her I felt like I had let go of lots of things that were holding me back, I felt lighter and free of the negative things I was carrying around. I also had more energy and slept better thanks to her.”

Lindsay Rocke


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Cell: 083 786 4417

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