BARAAQA, is the Arabic word for a ‘glistening diamond’.

The DIAMOND symbolises one’s true essence and authentic self. So often, the essence of who you are gets hidden beneath layers of negativity and emotional shut downs. Our negative life experiences dampen our special sparkle. That shining potential that you once possessed becomes dull and non-existent and you lose yourself in the process. My mission is to help you find your inner diamond and reclaim your Divine self worth.

The symbol of a diamond really resonated with me, because it is the reflection of our self worth and the value we attach to ourselves. Growing up in a broken home, I believed that I was worthless and not good enough, therefore discovering my own self worth has been a life changing experience. I feel passionate about inspiring others to acknowledge their true worth and value.

When you commit to your own healing path and inner transformation, your whole life will begin to light up and SHINE. You will gain a more positive outlook on life and the wisdom to appreciate the beauties and hidden blessings that are already present in your life.

“I am passionate about inspiring motivating and empowering

both women and children.

I can help you unlock your true potential and become the
best version of you!”

“I am passionate about inspiring motivating and empowering

both women and children.

I can help you unlock your true potential and become the
best version of you!”

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Journey Therapy


Aafiyah Energy Healing

NLP Coaching Services
– NLP Life Coaching
– Time LIne Therapy
– Hypnotherapy
– Business Coaching
– Relationship Coaching / Couples therapy


Workshops for Women/Mothers

Workshops for Kids/Teens

Inspirational Writer

Motivational Speaker at National Women’s Event


Regular Speaker on radio talk shows


Journey for Kids

Life Skills Coaching


Student Empowerment Programs

Educational Kinesiologoy
– Brain Gym Coaching
– Educational Assessments & Brain Gym Profiles

nlp coaching services

Coaching is a great way for you to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you see yourself in the future. It will assist you in gaining clarity about what you want and how to go about getting it.

Aafiyah healing

Aafiyah Healing is a natural energy healing modality that focuses on breath and body awareness techniques, which combines natural and modern methods of healing.

journey therapy

Journey therapy allows the body to facilitate healing and release at a cellular level, dealing with past trauma and depression, resulting in inner transformation and emotional wellbeing.

Educational Kinesiology and Brain gym therapy

Educational Kinesiology and Brain gym therapy both work together to assist in restoring the natural neurological pathways in the brain and body to enhance new learning. 

Life skills coaching assists children with personal or social challenges

It works on very specific issues that serve as a block to your child achieving their highest goals in life as a whole.

Student empowerment
Motivation, effective self management and study strategies for students in senior, FET Phase and at university level.

Special programmes for teenagers and are designed to teach learners how to learn and study effectively, using techniques that increase internal motivation and stress reduction.

Empowering women to overcome life’s challenges with ease.

Workshops are held seasonally in Kwa Zulu Natal. Only one workshop of each per year will be conducted. You will receive notification of the dates and times in advance. Early bookings are encouraged.

Helping children to reach their true potential in academics, personal and social settings. 

This workshop focuses on switching on the brain using the techniques of Brain Gym and Edu-Kinesiology.


Teaching teenagers techniques on how to overcome fear, stress and anxiety and gain the mental clarity needed to excel in their studies and in life.

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Use this lockdown to your advantage and make use of our ONLINE services! ⁠

We are currently offering these 3 online programmes for you to take advantage of in the COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!⁠

Our POSITIVE NEW YOU programme consists of 4 sessions for R3850 can be found here⁠⁠

Our ACHIEVE INNER FREEDOM programme consists of 3 sessions for R3150 can be found here⁠⁠

And our STUDENT EMPOWERMENT BOOSTER PROGRAMME for R2100 can be found here⁠⁠

For more clarification on these programmes or to meet our fabulous Farah Manjoo you can arrange a Skype or WhatsApp video call with her! Get in touch now and watch the transformation happen before your very eyes in the next few weeks!

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The Roaring Trade Magazine

Watch out because here comes the COVER GIRL for the March/April edition of The Roaring Trade Magazine!
With hard work and dedication, it really shows that dreams do come true!
Grateful is an UNDERSTATEMENT for how we feel about this awesome achievement!
Inside, you will find a 2 PAGE article on the story of Farah and how she has transformed her life to get to where she is today!
Click on the link below to read the online article of our Fabulous Farah Manjoo’s story!…/docu…/view/63122242/march-april-2020
Keep an eye out for the hardcopy of this months edition at the airport and in Berea, Westville and Ballito!


Kids Empowerment and Overcoming Learning Ability

Farah’s childhood story

Couple Goals

Letting go of unhealthy attachments

Dealing with difficult people and conflicting situations

Depression and anxiety and its manifestations in our every day lives

Secrets on how to balance your family life while pursuing a career

Overcoming Teenage Exam Stress 

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Cindy Williams (Paarl, Western Cape)

“It is amazing how Farah’s coaching sessions can permeate every part of your life. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was in my work and personal life, until I had to explore my emotions and experiences that were holding me back. The change I saw in myself surprises me to this day. What I learnt through her sessions is that we are the only ones who limit ourselves. The moment you believe in yourself and recognize the things that were holding you back, there is no limit to what you can achieve. After completing the coaching programme I started valuing and believing in myself and found the confidence and courage to start my own business. This positive change in my life has brought me immense JOY. A kind of joy I didn’t know I could ever experience. Thank you so much Farah!”

Ashina Rajkumar (Stanger, KZN)

“I had an amazing Aafiyah Healing session with Farah. I walked into her consultation room last week feeling stressed, drained and off balance. After just an hour with Farah, I left feeling rejuvenated, lighter and in a positive frame of mind. I would certainly recommend her amazing services offered to everyone, Farah is extremely professional, non judgemental and warm. Thank you Farah, stay blessed!”

Melissa Govender (Durban North, KZN)

“I met Farah via a friend who had suggested to me that I attend one of Farah’s sessions. Before meeting Farah I was a little apprehensive as I have never tried this kind of therapy before. At first sight Farah had such an aura that I felt as though I was talking to my friend. She makes you feel at ease with her calm nature. I felt safe and free to say anything without the fear of judgment. I have tried most of the services at Baraaqa; the Journey therapy, Aafiyah healing and NLP Coaching sessions. With all these sessions combined, I have learnt so much about myself, my needs, when to say no and most importantly when to take time out for myself. She has helped me realise who I am and in turn has helped me become a stronger person, better wife, partner and lastly the best mum I could possibly be to my kids. Farah is definitely a rare gem among the stones. She is a very gifted and special life coach, without her help, her knowledge, her patience and healing hands I wouldn’t be the person I am today; strong, determined and with no doubt of who I am.”

Fathima Joosab (North Beach, KZN)

My sessions with Farah were amazing. She is so professional and passionate about what she does. From the moment I walked into Farah’s office I just felt a sense of calm. She helped me deal with all my negative emotions and helped me realize my worth and my purpose in this world. Each time I walked out after a session with her I felt more confident and capable. I am so grateful to have had met her as she inspired me to change my life for the better. I did Farah’s Positive New You Programme and I simply love the new positive me!”

Summaya Hassim (Isipingo, KZN)

“Farah is full of positive energy and amazing guidance. I have benefited tremendously from the different therapies I experienced. She has many skill sets which one can benefit from. She selects the best techniques and incorporates them into her packages to suit your needs. Her compassionate and friendly nature really helps people warm up to her and she is excellent with kids and teenagers too. I would recommend her over and over again.”

Sara Durocher-Yvon (Ballito Beach - KZN)

“Farah is absolutely amazing with children! My son, Raphael, immediately felt comfortable with Farah and she has a special and gentle way of approaching situations. She has brought out the confidence and smile in him again. I would recommend the Journey therapy to any parent out there who are having difficulties with their kids, be it in personal or social settings.”

Nigum Lalla (Musgrave, KZN)

“Farah has a great energy about her which makes anyone feeling comfortable and at ease. She is friendly, ease going whilst very professional and goes out of her way to help. She is not money orientated. Her fee structure is affordable and modest. As a parent, I am glad I have invested in my child’s healing and personal upliftment. I have seen results in her work and would recommend Farah to anybody. My child has improved in all areas of her life using the Brain Gym therapies, Educational Kinesiology and healing sessions. Thank you Farah for assisting my family.”

Fathima Khan (Johannesburg)

I signed up for Farah’s Positive New You Programme. At that point, I needed direction, confidence and mental clarity after having been through a troubled marriage and painful divorce experience. Farah had given me a great amount of support and the services she offered were amazing. The Journey therapy is one of my favourites, it brought out so much of emotions I didn’t even know resided within and ones which I had no idea how to deal with. I now feel light, confident, strong and  optimistic. I look forward to creating a better life for myself. Farah has been extremely patient, warm and encouraging throughout my sessions with her. Thank you Farah for all the guidance!