Hirsch Networking Talk


Hirsch Networking Talk

Our women’s and children empowerment coach, Farah Manjoo, had the privilege of being the guest speaker at the networking conference on Thursday the 12th of March.

“I was the guest speaker at this event for women in business. My mission in life is to INSPIRE and I love empowering women to become the best versions of themselves…so this was the perfect setting for me.

My topic was on COMPETITION in business and choosing to deal with it in positive ways. I decided to speak on this topic because many people dim their light because they don’t feel good enough when they compare themselves to their competitors.

I shared 5 qualities that helped me change my perception of COMPETITION and how to use it to fuel your fire and passion instead of weighing you down.

I was so pleased to see so many like- minded business women who are all striving to give off their best and reach SUCCESS. I was glad that my talk made a difference to their mindset and inspired them to step more into their UNIQUE AUTHENTIC SELF…💎✨

Let’s all learn how to attract our abundance together by helping each other rise to the top because there is MORE than enough to go around!

Farah Manjoo”