About Me

My Story

I am proudly South African. I was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, in the heart of the city of Pietermaritzburg. I came from humble beginnings and lived with my mother and my step siblings in a small apartment for most of my schooling life. I was abandoned by my father and paternal family at the age of 6 and suffered a great deal of emotional trauma throughout my childhood. The most difficult part of growing up was feeling incomplete and unworthy of love and acceptance; therefore I searched for a sense of belonging and meaning in my life.

I got married at the age of 18 and my life challenges persevered in my first marriage. I felt obligated to stay in the marriage because of cultural and religious reasons. I made a decision to free myself from an unhappy life and go through with a divorce after having my first child. I received a lot of criticism from my community and social circles and was left unsupported as a single mother to raise a 2 year old child.

Looking for security and love, I got married again at 25 and started a new beginning with my daughter and new family. It was not an easy road integrating her with a new family and I suffered from depression soon after. During my marriage, I was constantly reminded that I was not good enough and that I would never fit into the family. This had started to affect my confidence, leaving me feeling worthless, rejected and with low self esteem. I became worried over my daughter’s emotional well being, having witnessed my inner suffering and emotional instability. So I decided to seek professional assistance and attended therapy treatments for us to heal and become whole.

I truly valued education and believed that it was a source of a brighter future. I always dreamed of becoming a teacher one day because I had a deep desire to make a positive impact in children’s lives. So I studied through UNISA while working as a sales consultant. I saved every penny towards paying for my own studies, in order to fulfil my dream.

 After years of studying and persevering towards my Bachelor of Education degree, life had taken a complete turn for me in my career path.

I decided to pursue a career as a Journey Practitioner when I had witnessed the profound difference it had made in my life. I healed myself from depression and low self esteem, thus achieving my true potential and purpose in life. I was able to assist my daughter, and help her overcome her trauma and instability stemming from her childhood issues. We healed, became stronger and more positive, and thus grew as a family. I now understand that the Almighty’s plan was the ultimate one. I had realised that through my journey I was meant to discover my true self worth and empower others to do so too. And so my path as an empowerment coach began unfolding before my eyes, which led to the advent of my own practice called Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary.

Having gone through many years of hardships and setbacks, I fully understand the challenges that women face and I have deep empathy for mothers who pick up the pieces and seek help as I did. I am now the mother of three beautiful children: my daughter Masiha (13) and two sons, Hasan (9) and Bilal (5). I am happily married to my best friend and an amazing man, Mohamed Manjoo. We have our family home in Stanger on the North Coast, and after 10 years of marriage, we have grown to unconditionally love, respect and understand each other. Achieving a fulfilling marriage and abundant family life has been my greatest accomplishment.

I am grateful for my husband’s support in my life and for allowing me the freedom to find myself and discover my potential and life’s purpose.

I dedicate my sacred service and life purpose to my daughter, Masiha who inspired me to embark on my own healing journey into freedom, thus being able to give back to humanity.


is bringing out the best in others and assisting them in attaining their true potential. I enjoy working with kids and teenagers, I can easily connect with them and they bring out the essence of joy in me. I love empowering women to reclaim their self worth, thus finding their true authentic selves.


is to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to guide them towards making better choices that will add meaning and purpose to an ultimately successful life.


that every one of us holds the potential to achieve greatness. I facilitate the process of helping you access your innate greatness and allowing your unique sparkle to SHINE!


to uphold the values of integrity and client confidentiality. I provide my client with a safe non judgmental space to express themselves freely, thus feeling heard and understood.


Education has empowered me to be the independent woman that I am today.    I am committed to lifelong learning because the various courses that I have studied over the years have helped me to grow in many areas of my life. I am also furthering my studies in Psychology because I intend merging both the medical and holistic approach in the near future.

All of my qualifications have been listed below for your convenience

  • Matriculated with Exemption and 5 distinctions (MMSG, Pietermaritzburg -2002)
  • Islamic Studies Course (Madrassa Taleemun Niswaan, Darul Uloom PMB – 2003)
  • Marketing & Sales Course (NMC Exquisite, In House Training- 2005)
  • Bachelor of Education, Senior & FET Phase, Psychology (Hons) UNISA – 2014)
  • Accredited Brain Gym Practitioner (Brain Gym in S.A, SETA: ETDP 10122 – 2016)
  • International Accredited Journey Practitioner (Brandon Bays, UK) Practice No. 36875 – 2016
  • Registered Educational Kinesiologist (Brain Gym International, USA – 2017)
  • Accredited Aafiyah Energy & Emotional Healing Practitioner (IPHM) Mind Horizon, UK – 2017)
  • Certified Kids Life Coach, (NLP Life Coaching SA- 2018)
  • International Accredited NLP Master Coach, (Coaching with NLP, UK – 2019)
  • Certified TimeLine Practitioner, (Coaching with NLP, UK- 2019)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (Coaching with NLP, UK – 2019)
  • Currently studying towards a degree in Clinical Psychology (UNISA)

Founder of Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary: 2016- 2019

Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary has been in operation since April 2016 in Stanger, KZN. I have expanded my business into many new exciting avenues in the last two years. With the help of Skype and Zoom, I reach out to a wider range of clients both local and international. I have consulting rooms in three different areas (Durban, Ballito, and Stanger) for a more personal one-on one experience.

Since 2012 to present I have done extensive studies in various alternate healing modalities, holistic therapy treatments, coaching skills and therapeutic mental health practices. I have combined all my knowledge and expertise to offer my clients the best techniques and cutting edge tools to suit their personal challenges, while respecting their race, religion and culture.

As a means of uplifting my community I decided to write empowering articles, therefore I am an Inspirational Writer and a Columnist for the local newspaper, Media 24, since 2017.

I also host an exclusive women’s group on Facebook, called ‘Shining Diamonds’ with the sole purpose of providing hope and positivity to women across the globe.

The highlight of year 2018, was my business feature on SABC 3, on a Lifestyle program, An Nur and my interview with Julie Ali from ‘Let’s Talk’ on ITV Network.

I am also a regular speaker on radio talk shows such as CII, Salaamedia and Al Ansaar radio. I speak on pertinent issues pertaining to women and children.

I am a Motivational Speaker at various national women’s events and conferences. I was invited as a guest speaker at a huge Women’s Conference with Mrs Mandela in Gauteng, 2018.

In 2019, I was presented with the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever Award and a nomination for Businesswoman of the year. This was a remarkable accolade which pleased me immensely.

Educator at Zakkariya Muslim School & Baraaqa Tuition Centre: 2013- 2016

I have three years of teaching experience as a qualified Educator, I taught English, Business Studies and Life Orientation at the private school for one year and thereafter opened my own tuition centre where I taught English private lessons to Senior and FET phase students.

XS Health Pharmaceuticals: 2010- 2011

I worked for XS Health as a medical sales representative for the entire KZN region, where I trained staff at various companies on promoting XS health products.

NMC Exquisite Cookware: 2004 -2010

I have worked for a period of six years at NMC Exquisite Cookware as the KZN Team leader and Events Planner. I recruited, trained and motivated many consultants during that period. I received awards for the highest sales across provinces, 4 years in a row.