Life Skills Coaching

Life skills (LS) coaching assists children with personal or social challenges. It works on very specific issues that serve as a block to your child achieving their highest goals in life as a whole. Issues such as bullying, making friends, lack of assertiveness, anger tantrums and lying can be addressed in a LS coaching session.

LS coaching also works tactfully to create inner harmony and helps children find peace and closure with issues out of their control; such as a death in the family, or parents going through a divorce. Many children from broken homes feel torn and insecure.

LS Coaching allows them a space to express their feelings freely.

Children with behavioural issues act out for negative attention; we get to the bottom of what is driving their bad behaviour and start working on how to change it with positive reinforcement.

LS coaching amazingly builds self confidence and creates a positive self esteem in your child. He/she will gain the tools to become a well rounded child with increased levels of positivity and resilience to overcome life’s challenges.

Developing emotional intelligence and building a healthy self esteem and self confidence are important qualities to foster in a child at a young age, in order for them to reach their optimal potential in life. LS Coaching is suited for children from age 5 upwards.

  • Your child will transform into a positive child with high self esteem and self confidence
  • Gain emotional intelligence and self awareness
  • Overcome adjustment issues and family instability, achieving inner security and resilience
  • Your child will achieve better social skills and good behaviour