Student Empowerment Programmes

Special programmes for teenagers and are designed to teach learners how to learn and study effectively, using techniques that increase internal motivation and stress reduction.

Students are guided towards selecting the best learning styles that suit their personality trait, brain type and unique strengths. The VAKT balance technique from the Brain Gym (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile), perfectly empowers learners to utilise their whole brain while learning, thereby reaching their full potential.

This program also prepares students with effective organisational skills for the examinations, such as planning, time management, revision techniques and mental de-cluttering, thus attaining peak performance easily.

This programme is perfect for students in Senior, FET Phase and university, who are underachieving and want to boost their academic performance.

  • Greater self discipline to follow through with plans
  • Gain better organisational skills and effective study preparations to create a learnable package
  • Utilise your full potential, thereby reaching your desired grades
  • A stress- free studying and examination experience