Journey therapy allows the body to facilitate healing and release at a cellular level, dealing with past trauma and depression, resulting in inner transformation and emotional wellbeing.

The Journey is a therapeutic process, a closed eye visualisation, which assists one to gain access to stored or repressed memories of painful past experiences. These cell memories drive our behaviour, actions, and belief systems that are often played out unconsciously.

The journey process is facilitated by accessing the repressed memories, emptying out and expressing the stored pain, thereby allowing forgiveness to take place. This then enables the body to go about the process of healing naturally thus resulting in inner freedom, peace and calmness.

The Journey was pioneered by Brandon Bays who healed naturally from a large tumour, the size of a basketball, without the use of drugs or surgery. Her journey work is globally recognised to help heal physical and emotional issues.

The Journey has been proven to be highly effective, and rapidly gets to the root cause of depression, trauma, anxiety, phobias and bereavement. It is an excellent and safe way to maintain emotional health and well-being holistically, without the use of harmful drugs or invasive treatments.

 Journey therapy is also suitable for children from the age of five upwards. This type of therapy will be adapted with play therapy to suit your child’s age

and ability appropriately. The benefits can be seen almost immediately, because it restores their equilibrium and liberates their shining potential.

  • Attain inner peace, emotional well being, happiness and fulfillment.
  • Find your true potential, purpose and meaning in life and live as an expression of it.
  • It transforms you into a new positive you, thus having a ripple effect on those around you because your healing also impacts on your loved ones.