Workshops for women (21 and over)

Workshops are held seasonally in Kwa Zulu Natal. Only one workshop of each per year will be conducted. You will receive notification of the dates and times in advance. Early bookings are encouraged.

This workshop is hosted for all women who wish to grow their potential, thus finding their true life’s purpose. It is aimed at motivating you to find the diamond within you, thereby claiming back your power and self dignity. It helps you build more confidence and self love, thus achieving the courage and freedom to become your true authentic self. The skills acquired from the workshop will equip and empower you to recognise your true value and self worth.

The gem to take away from this workshop is that one will diffuse self doubt and feel more empowered to make positive changes confidently.

Emotional intelligence is a necessity for one to achieve success in a stressful and competitive world. Learn how to respond to life’s challenges, instead of reacting to them. Whether you are a stay at home mum, a full time career woman or a mix of both, this course will surely equip you with essential skills and tools to balance your life effectively. Master your emotional state and become the driver in your life.

The uniqueness of this workshop is that you will learn how to shift negative emotions within a few minutes and find a sense of inner calm and centeredness.

This workshop is ideal for mothers seeking guidance on how their parenting approach and disciplining methods work for their child. Various parenting approaches and discipline styles will he taught according to their child’s personality and brain type. Mothers will feel empowered on how to cope with the added responsibility that comes with raising a child. Discussions will be held on how to balance work and family life successfully.

The best lesson that you can gain from this workshop is that you are a super mom and you just need to tap into it.